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About Our Company

Ever since we established our company, Tajimi (USA), Inc. almost two decades ago, we have been trying our best to introduce beautiful Japanese tableware to the world. At present we have stores, "Utsuwa-No-Yakata" (meaning="House of Pottery") in New Jersey, California and our mail order department.  Through these locations around the world, we hope to further expand public interest and cross cultural contact through the medium of Japanese tableware.

Tajimi is also the name of a city in central Japan, which is considered to be the heart of pottery culture in Japan. The region is also known as Mino which was the birthplace of the first tea bowls (chawan) that were used for tea ceremonies in the 16th Century. Ever since, the region has produced phenomenal potters and exquisite tableware.

  Japanese people have always enjoyed their food as well as the bowls and plates that contained them. It has always been and still is very important how food is displayed in Japanese cuisine. So it is no wonder that tableware takes a prominent role. Sometimes they are so pleasing to our eyes that we cannot help but to adore them.

However, our tableware is not only for Japanese cuisine. Our customers are so creative and they find their own use for the products for any type of food regardless of gastronomic background.

  We hope you visit one of our stores soon. Our products are beautiful, practical, and affordable. We assure you that our tableware will make your dinner table more enjoyable and perhaps increase your appetite! If you are unable to visit, you can always access us at this address.