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Pre-Order Items

The items listed in this section are PRE-ORDER only! Currently these are popular items that tend to sell out quick, and we have more coming, so if you like, you can order these items-but they will be shipped out at a later date.

Please see full description for an estimated arrival date of these items.

If you purchase other items that we do have in stock-those will be shipped out to you first.

Any pre-order items will be shipped out later-but with no additional shipping fees.

If you have any questions please email us at


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Soushun Medium Plate
Blossom Plate PRE-ORDER ONLY

CODE: 990551

Price: $12.00


Soushun Plate
Blossom Plate PRE-ORDER ONLY

CODE: 990557

Price: $20.00


Soushun Square Plate
Blossom Plate Square PRE ORDER ONLY

CODE: 990575

Price: $15.00


Soushun Dish
Blossom Sauce Dish PRE-ORDER ONLY

CODE: 990564

Price: $5.50


Soushun Bowl
Blossom Serving Bowl PRE ORDER ONLY

CODE: 990561

Price: $30.00


Soushun Small Bowl
Blossom Small Bowl PRE-ORDER ONLY

CODE: 990548

Price: $7.00


Soushun Dish
Blossom Small Dish PRE-ORDER ONLY

CODE: 990547

Price: $6.00


Soushun Small Dish
Blossom Small Dish PREORDER ONLY

CODE: 990546

Price: $6.00


Soushun Small Dish
Blossom Small Plate PRE ORDER ONLY

CODE: 990549

Price: $8.00


Soushun Rice Bowl

CODE: 990568

Price: $9.00


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