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Trays, Condiment Pots and Such

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Soy Sauce Pot
Light Green Tone Sauce Pot

CODE: 990856

Price: $20.00


Plastic Tray
Rectangle Large Tray

CODE: 994755

Price: $32.00


Plastic Tray
Rectangle Tray

CODE: 994754

Price: $24.00


Plastic Tray
Rectangle Tray L

CODE: 994757

Price: $25.00


Plastic Tray
Rectangle Tray Small

CODE: 994756

Price: $24.00


Reversable 2 Side Tray

CODE: 992672

Price: $30.00

Out of stock


Japanese Sake Set

CODE: 138-209

Price: $40.00

Out of stock


Sauce Pot
White Sauce Pot PRE ORDER ONLY

CODE: 992545

Price: $5.00